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Does this seem right for 5th?

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Does this look right?


Logic- Mind Benders


Math- Teaching Textbooks 5


History- Story of the World and Usborne Encyclopedia of World History


Spelling- Spelling work out F & G


Grammar- Shurley English 5


Reading- Confucius, Chinese folktales, Japanese folktales, Chinese poetry, Japanese poetry, myths of ancient Egypt, tales of pharaohs, the Bible, Moses, Abraham, David, Solomon, Esther, Ruth, Homer, Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, the Iliad and the Odyssey, Greek and Roman Myths, Aesop’s Fables, Indian folktales, African folktales, Cicero, Virgil


Writing- Writing Strands


Science- Biology




Foreign language?

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I've really liked Lively Latin. It's supposed to be used with 3rd through 6th graders. My dd is just about done with the Big Book of Lively Latin 1, and I had no knowledge of Latin. She has done it nearly independently. I use the answer key to check her work and I have ended up learning some Latin alongside her.


Eta: dd is also using Rosetta Stone Spaninsh and Getting Started with Spaninsh, and we have been very happy with those as well.

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i have Classic Life Science for Bio, bible is just an age appropriate devotional book and I am unsure about the FL. Would love to do Latin or Greek but I am afraid I would screw it up.


I can highly recommend Getting Started With Latin. It is *fantastic!* I took French and Italian myself but never had any Latin, so I'm learning along with DD. GSWL has been the perfect introduction for both of us. It's only about $19 for the book, which has, IIRC, 130 lessons, and each lesson's vocabulary and sentences are available via downloadable free mp3s.

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We're using TT5 (been using it since 3 as well) and maybe Mind Benders for logic. We're doing ancients too, but will be using History Odyssey. I'm switching the spine though to K12 Human Odyssey though. We'll be using some of their reading suggestions, but I'll be adding a lot more.

We're also using GWG and spelling lists from k12reader. I'm still stumped on science, but looking at Galore Park. A few moms here have given it good reviews. We don't use a formal writing program, which is probably bad. :D


If you're looking for Latin or Greek, check out Latin for Children or Greek for Children from Classical Academic Press. We've been using LfC and really like it. I would recommend getting the Mastery Bundle because the DVD and chant CD have really helped us out (I'm learning too!). The DVD is a bit cheesy and the guy who does the lessons after the chant is geeky, but I kind of love him for it. We tried Lively Latin and while it was good, it just didn't mesh for us. Once we finish LfC book A, we'll move on to book B since it's going so well. BTW, it's tied into Shurley English.

I've ordered the Greek Alphabet Code Cracker from them to see how Indy does with it as he wants to add Greek next year too. He also wants to add French so he'll be able to speak it fluently because he plans to work at a cafe in Paris during his summer breaks from college. If you haven't seen the Young Indiana Jones series, this is what IJ does in the 3rd season. :lol:

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Perhaps its not a good fit then or are you not doing math daily? Using it daily 5 days a week you go though about 1.5 levels a year and thats assuming you don't work over the summer.


We use TT on grade level, one grade per year, and we like it that way.

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