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Great food to cook on the weekend and

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eat during the week


Please share what you like to cook on the weekend and enjoy during the week! I made a big pot of green beans for a dinner we were going to on Monday night. It didn't get touched, so we brought it home. I've loved having them to eat during this past week. I love green beans, call me weird!

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I do things like this almost every weekend.


Some things I will do most weekends:


Cook several pounds of ground beef at a time. I divide them up into freezer containers. I may keep 2 lbs out or so for the next day, but I freeze the rest. At the same time that is going, I can hard boil a dozen eggs. We also will do things like toss two chickens into a large roasting pan and roast that. I usually surround the chickens with chopped up sweet potatoes, carrots, and other root veggies, so we have a built in side dish When they cool, we debone the meat. We will eat some for dinner and then freeze or refrigerate the rest. The bones get tossed into a pot and I start some stock. I can do something like the eggs, the chickens, and the beef at the same time more or less, kwim? Sometimes I even have the crockpot going during that time ;)


I also regularly do things like roast 2 big trays of broccoli in the oven, or several sweet potatoes, or a pile of root veggies and we eat that for 2-3 days.


While things are cooking I will also chop or prep raw veggies, rinse and spin lettuce, etc. for the week.


WIth about 2 hours of work we end up with several meals or big starts to meals.


eta: one other thing I do a lot on a Sunday is make a big quiche, strata, or other breakfast casserole. It takes time to make, but then we have a breakfast we can just heat up for the next 1-3 days. If we make pancakes or waffles for the kids, we make extra and the kids reheat them in the toaster during the school week.

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Are you looking for meals to cook and freeze? A few weeks ago, I made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce, red beans (will add rice later), jambalaya, meatloaf, chicken fajitas, homemade sloppy joes, taco meat, homemade baked beans, and refried beans. I divided everything into meal sizes, then some individual portions for lunches. It's been so nice to just grab from the freezer and reheat. I also like to make granola bars, banana bread, and various muffins for to freeze for snacks.

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I cook up WW elbows and spinach noodles or tri color spiral noodles, some brown rice, a bean soup (like lentil and carrot), a veggie stew or stirfry, a pasta sauce (which can be added into other things on Thursday evening for a soup on Friday), prewash some carrot and celery, hard boil a couple eggs, cut cucks into spears, wash and dry whole romaine leaves, and bake WW bread on the weekends. I might make a casserole as a change of pace, or put in a pan of bread pudding. I might preslice some polenta and spruce up some marinara to go over it. I might steam a cauliflower and stash in the fridge.Ditto some boiled taters.

The rest is stocking dairy, fruit, lemons, etc. as well as freezing a batch of waffles, if I'm low.

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Could you share your mole recipe?


This mole is a quicky, easy version that I make often and like to have handy all the time (it even fixes things like potato salad and cucumber tea sandwiches :tongue_smilie:). It only has a few ingredients and no chocolate.


Cutting and pasting from an old thread:


I use my 6" iron skillet

-heat up generous amount of oil and a nice fat piece of garlic (I leave it in the skin)

-when the garlic is dark and juicy, (toss skin) lower the heat as much as possible

-throw in chiles (remove stems if any), cook until darkened but not charred

-pour everything in the blender along with 1 8oz can of tomato sauce and a good amount of salt (I put a little mound in the center of my hand)


I seem to have lost my molcajete in my last move, really this is the best way to blend it. The texture and flavor are more satisfying.



I use any of the following dry chiles:

Japanese Red (start with 12 chiles)

arbol (start with 12 chiles)

piquin (whole bag if it's a small one)

and another whose name I can't remember, it's similar to piquin, one is round, one is more tapered (whole bag)


Don't skimp on oil and salt, increase or decrease chile as you like it.



*Let me know if you like it. If you make one too, I'd love to hear the recipe. I'm in a bit of a cooking slump.

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