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hoping to have found something to get kiddo interested in reading again


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over the past year or so my ds9 has gone from really enjoying reading to not wanting to read more than a few pages :001_huh: and if the book/story isn't really interesting to him he is really turned off to reading it---we've been doing WWE and those who use it know how they have a few paragraphs from stories in most of the lessons--the past few that we have done recently (Mary Poppins-Alice in Wonderland-Peter Rabbit/Beatrix Potter)--kiddo said he wanted to know more of what happened in the stories. :D I was thrilled. I have the disney versions of a couple of the stories but I thought they were too "babyish" for him so I ordered some off Amazon.com and the first shipment came in this AM--ALICE IN WONDERLAND--he was so happy-he asked where I got it and said he was going to go look on Amazon for BEATRIX POTTER books we could order next.:D I hope this is a turn around. I've got alot on my amazon wish list that we are going to order over the next few weeks..OH! and from reading a few posts on here I ordered the treasury of poetry for children too-can't wait for it to come in! just had to share.... :D

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