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Winning With Writing or Daily 6-Trait Writing


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:bigear: I was debating between these at the beginning of the year for my second grader. I decided on WWW because I figured as a curriculum (not just a supplement) WWW would have a logical progression to the topics covered (which it does and I am very happy with). Daily 6 trait writing takes 1 of the 6 traits at a time and I'm afraid she would forget all about the first trait by the time we got to the 6th one.


I'm still thinking of using D6TW as a supplement to WWW though. Just because I don't think we do enough "writing". So I'm :bigear: for others opinions that have used Daily 6 trait...


Thanks for starting this thread!

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I actually will be using 6 trait alongside Queens LA as suggested by Timberdoodle for my dc next year. My 5th grader will also be using Editor in Chief. Fun, interesting, and plenty of practice!


I believe that intense, serious writing instruction can be saved for 7th grade and up. So to me, enjoyment and exposure are key at this age. A little dab'll do ya.

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