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Which tablet?

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The tax monies are coming! :lol: I've played with an iPad and if cost were not an issue, I wouldn't be posting. *lol* So I was thinking maybe 2 kindle fires. But then another smart mama told me about the Toshiba Thrive. Since the primary reason for the tablet is schooling, this would be great as it has flash capability (which it seems iPad does not,) and I have pdf curricula that links to flash.


So, who has one? Do you like it? If you don't, what would you rave about? I'm still in research phase, so I'm totally open to others I haven't considered/ aren't aware of. :)

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Now someone told me there is an app for the ipad to get flash, they could be wrong though. Right now we have a Samsung Galaxy tab. Things I love easy of use, light portable, connects to the internet way faster than my laptop, all sites i use for school work on it. One thing that I wish I would have thought of would be bigger screen. Ours is just the 7" and I should have went with the 10". Problem with the small screen is you have to blow up stuff very very often to even read it if your are on the web. Even some pdfs I do also. But overall it has been great.

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If you want a really good 10" tablet at an excellent price there's the Le Pan. For the price of one iPad you could get 3 of these.


After much research that's the tablet I bought. The reviews are excellent. The compromise is in the memory. You don't have much, about 2 gigs internal and another 2 on an sd card but you can easily expand that with a bigger sd card. You could also buy the Le Pan II which has 8 gigs. It has a rear facing camera only which is good for Skype but not taking pictures. Not a big issue for me. The Android OS is not upgradeable but again, for most uses that's not a huge factor.


Otherwise it's a great and responsive tablet. The screen quality is fantastic (on par with iPads) and it's very fast when browsing and loading apps. You can load the Kindle and Kobo readers on it so you don't need to choose one or the other. Geeks seem to like it because the hardware is good and the build quality is there. It's very easy to load stuff on from my computer via the USB cord (I don't have my computers networked)


I have had one issue with it. I dropped it (not for the first time) and the power button stopped working. Both Amazon and Le Pan were very quick to get back to me and I choose to go through Amazon for a replacement rather then Le Pan for a repair. It was completely my fault but both companies were very responsive with no questions asked. That made me even happier as my only worry with my tablet was that the maker wasn't well known so I didn't know how they'd be to work with if I had an issue. I'm just waiting right now for the replacement and can't wait. I'm surprised at how quickly my tablet became indispensable. :D


Whatever tablet you get make sure you get screen protectors and a case of some sort at the same time to protect it.

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I have the Motorola Xoom and I really like it. It is easy for dd (5) to use and I really like we can bring it with us places and she can practice handwriting (we have a stylus) or play with educational apps. I use it for pdf's...for personal reading (not school stuff) I don't really use it because I don't like the lighted screen so I just read regular books (for my enjoyment) on my kindle (the regular one, not the fire).

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