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ADHD or Sensory Integration?

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I recently spent the day with a friend and her children. Their four year old son was bouncing off the walls the entire time. He jumps and climbs on furniture and people, interrupts, talks loudly and constantly, runs everything where he goes, doesn't respond to commands very well, grabs pets, runs into things, is often injuring himself, never stays in one place very long nor does an activity for very long before he's off and running again. Mom says that is the only speed he has-unless he's sleeping. She also believes he has sensory integration issues; I wonder if he doesn't have ADHD. Any way to tell the difference?


Don't know if I should say anything anyway, but the little guy drives the family crazy and mom and dad are often grabbing him roughly by a body part and speaking angrily through clenched teeth. They are amazing parents considering, but I wonder if there's a way to help the little guy. He can't be happy getting into trouble all the time, nor can mom and dad enjoy the chaos.


Any thoughts?

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I was in a similar situation with my firstborn and had no idea what was going on at the time. Now, I know his was caused by ADHD. But, regardless of whether it's sensory integration or ADHD if it's causing chaos they could consider getting help or doing some research on their own to help him (and themselves) cope. As I mentioned, I was clueless with DS and am now finally learning how to help him.

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sounds like SPD rather than ADHD.




I attended a lecture by the head of an ADHD clinic. the ONLY kids he see's have been "diagnosed" as adhd by their ped's. After doing his own work-up, only 50% were actually ADHD - the rest had sensory problems.

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