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Mini-Box Day!!


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We're making the switch to Singapore Math, and our new curriculum arrived today!! My son placed kind of on the bubble between 3A/3B and I went with 3A... I figure we can always work through it more quickly.


I even got the 2B Intensive Practice Book, and I'm glad I did... it looks like some problems that are challenging for him, even though he gets the concept, and it also goes over mental math, which is huge in the Singapore books but was non-existent in our old curricula choices.


He'll start in the 2B IP book for now for some review and to get how things are "done" in this series... while I figure out how to teach this new program. It is different from how I learned but I think it's exactly right for him. So... wish me luck on this one! :D

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We had a Big Box day today. My Rainbow Resource order arrived with our Spelling, Handwriting, History, Art and my WTM book and Teaching the Classics...along with the RR Catalogue. (Wow! Huge!)


Yesterday we got an order from Amazon with SchoolHouse Rock and Times Tales, and the day before that we got another Amazon one with GTG and Children Just Like Me.


Then this evening we went to the Lakeshore Learning store and got some math manipulatives and a globe.


This weekend, I get to do some organizing in our schoolroom, I guess. :tongue_smilie: My desk is rather, um.... well, disorganized at the moment. LOL

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