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Needing Free Online Lessons in Algebra/Geometry etc What's out there?

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I'd also suggest getting a cheap copy of a 'reference' text-- a text you can get visual instruction and practice problems to supplement SOS.


Something like Lial's Introductory Algebra would do and it is very inexpensive (and is a great text too-- the lessons contain the full teaching instruction with detailed examples)... Older editions (7th or 8th ) are just fine! ISBN 0321279212


Kahn Academy is also an awesome resource.


You can get awesome free practice worksheets at kutasoftware.com

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Khan, hands down. My son is having math SUCCESS for the first time in a long time, using Khan!!! My 10 year old loves it too, but she is better at math than he had been at her age.


I love that it prompts them to go back and review x,y,z concepts if they seem to be struggling through a set of problems.


I am happy with it.



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