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English measuring system....

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We are using Singapore Math - LOVE it - and mostly think with the metric system even though we reside in the US. Length, weight/mass have gone smoothly when teaching the imperial/English method, but now that we are on volume, it really is a pain. Seeing our country will not likely switch to metric anytime soon, does anyone have any fun ideas for teaching oz., c., pt., qt., gal? (games, small workbooks, web sites) Thanks. I know we will get it if we just keep plugging away at it, but this teacher does not have the patience and my dislike of our system shows! :)

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What about saving up various containers...and then letting your DC figure it out in the bathtub....lots of bubbles (of course :))


so with an 8 oz cream cheese container (or whatever)....how many cups go into a quart milk carton.... how many into a gallon? Just play...and then write the answers on the container with a Sharpie.

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You need to google "gallon man". Here's an example.




When I drew mine for DS, I made the pints (feet and hands) like lobster pincers and called the 2 cups off each the pints, prehensile toes. My son loves that.

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