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Math for an Arts Student possible Law bent

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OK so I am seriously thinking of dropping my dd's math requirement after grade 11...We are midway through 10 now. She is thinking about Law or Social Work

1. She has come home to homeschool highschool after 2 1/2 years in PS, and her math is what I would consider a full year behind. I backed her up and we are redoing Algebra 1 using LoF and the home companion plus drill work with "Key to". She is finding the word problems in LoF very challenging and we need to talk through most of them together. Actual manipulation is not a problem. My plan was to spend the rest of the year in this fashion and then do a Geometry and Algebra 1 review next year and possibly starting Algebra 2 mid year, but having Algebra 2 done by graduation (hadn't decided on texts yet).


BUT she doesn't really need the Maths to get into University for her program of choice....

2. The admission requirement for Arts at her first and second choice universities are ...

12 English or English 12: African heritage

Four additional Grade 12 Academic or Advanced courses


3. She will be doing 2 AP classes next year (11) and possibly writing the exam for a 3rd, she feels she could have a better average without the math in the mix. She will be doing an additional 2 AP in Grade 12. Would she be better off not doing the Algebra 2 and focusing her time and energy on what she does do well?

Obviously she isn't planning on taking Chemistry or Physics...


thanks for any insights....

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