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A friend was to get results of her cancer today (what kind/treatment)...mom died.

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I'd love to do something special for this friend. I've known her for over 20 years, but have only really started "getting to know" her in the past few months, just before her cancer diagnosis.


She had cancer when she was 14. When she found out her dad passed away. Recently her mom has dementia and was going downhill. Then my friend found out the cancer is back, 22 years later. Today she was to find out which kind (she HAD ovarian cancer, but now it's in the colon but it could still be ovarian cancer in the colon), and her mom passed away this morning.


Another mutual friend and i want to do something special for our friend...her church is taking care of meals for her. What could we do as friends that goes beyond bringing a meal that will show her love?

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I'm so sorry about your friend. What a terrible time this must be for her. :(


If you want to do something special for her, you could offer to drive her to and from doctor's appointments or even go into the appointments with her, if she doesn't have a family member to go with her.

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Very kind of you to think of doing something for her. If she's close enough for you to offer house cleaning, or food shopping for fruits and veggies, or just taking her to chemo.... if she's able to do chemo. Give her a few choices, and then have her pick? Something other than, "just let me know what you need"... is best, I think. (there actually is a place that offers housecleaning volunteers for cancer patients)

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