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Got lucky but now I am overwhelmed with choices.


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Well today I feel like I hit the jackpot! My local homeschool resale shop is giving away everything that was left on the shelf. They are closing down. For the most part, we prefer unit studies. I came home with the following curriculum and I can't decide what to use::confused:

Weaver Volume 1 and 2

Volume 1 Grade 7-12 supplement

Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt(my oldest loves Egypt)

Adventures in My Father's world Manual with schedule.

Moving Beyond the Page concept 3 Culture(TM and Student Pages)

Moving beyond the Page concept 2 Measurement(TM and Student Pages)


I am currently using Konos but really don't like the layout at all. I don't mind planning. I have heard good things about all of these curriculum. Given my kids ages..what do yoiu all suggest?



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Yes, it was the 6-8




There are some trade books that go along with the MBTP units, but some you should be able to get at the library--and others can be replaced with the ones the library does have--like the books about different countries. I think the material would be too much for a 4yo, but you can edit it for a 9yo and I think she will like it. There is a Cinderella unit in the Culture book that goes through different "Cinderella" stories from around the world.

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