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One of THOSE days when I just want to:

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Last night was like that for me. DS1 up and sobbing every hour because he had a "scary" (nightmare), desperately needed a drink, an overflowing diaper (thanks to previous drink) etc... and DS2 has pretty much cried non-stop for two days and nights because he is teething. DH is so stressed over school, PhD applications, and work that he is making himself sick. My depression/anxiety issues are giving me are rearing their ugly heads this week... but I have to be the one to at least look like I'm holding it together, because if I crack, everyone implodes.

We'll not even get into the fighting neighbors, the shrieking toddler in the apartment above us, and a host of other things...


I'm exhausted, but have no opportunity for a nap so I've resorted to snacking to keep myself awake (which I hate, but it is kind of the only thing I can think of at this point...).


A vacation is sounding very, very appealing.

Sadly, it is not in the cards.

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Thank you all -- and an extra thank you to Jean (denise, I still have your number someplace ;)).


Things still s*ck, but I killed two hours in the kitchen making dinner and that is kind of therapy for me.


You are all so nice, I know that when I say I have reached the end of my rope, all of you here know precisely how I feel.


Thank you all!!!!!:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:

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Oh no! This means I have no excuse! I did just go away by myself and I STILL need a vacation.


I left last Wednesday and got back late Sunday. I felt 3/4 across the country to visit a friend whose own kids and husband were going away. So, we had days of no kids ..and she has a hot tub!


This was the longest I have ever been away from my kids and the first time I have ever flown kid free.


All I keep thinking this week is THAT WAS NOT LONG ENOUGH!


Now I know why my dh is so happy to go away on business.

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I take back what I said about IKEA. Worst meltdown in months. Le sigh. I am hiding from the children here instead of putting them to bed now, lol.




I'm so sorry.


Years ago (before they passed the age limit), I used to take the kids to the Wegman's Kids Room at their one location that still does that here in Va. Mom would be given a pager and she was not to leave the store premises and she could have NINETY minutes sans les pet*ts enfants! It was delightful! We were on a first name basis with everyone who worked in that room. And I treated them well -- coffee, cookies, anything.they.wanted. And, I daresay, Wegman's made out well b/c I spend a fortune in that store.


I SO miss those days!!!!!

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Here's the kind of thing that makes me a little crazy...it's not bad, just annoying. My youngest dd is reading Helen Keller's autobiogrpahy. She stops, sighs dramatically, and says, "You know, I get it. It's an amazing story, but she over- uses metaphor." Kid, she was deaf and blind. Geez. Who disses Helen Keller? To make it worse, my 18 year starts telling Helen Keller jokes. "How did Helen burn her hands?" " She tried to read the waffle iron."


Boarding school/college 1000 miles away, the lot of them. I need some peace. :glare:



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Yesterday was good, everything went smoothly, I even had time to make a lovely dinner AND homemade strawberry jam!


Today...not so much. :glare: Ds truly believes his way is the best way no matter what. I told him his dictated sentences had to be on lined paper, as that is the only way they don't stray across half the page. He insisted he could do them on unlined. Sure enough, they strayed across half the page. So, ok, redo them on lined paper. Oh, the meltdown. An hour later he finally did them because it was lunchtime and he couldn't eat until the assignment was done. And even then he continued to insist they looked nice his way. :001_huh::glare:


I hop today is better for you, Mariann.

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I hop today is better for you, Mariann.


I think we are maintaining the status quo her today.


We started school doing fairly well, agent calls, someone is coming to see house, we pack up and leave, run some errands etc., stay out for TWO hours, arrive home, and apparently the buyers decided not to come as clearly no one had been here.


Kids and I sat and had lunch, and IF they show up, well, I'm not going anywhere.


It's Friday! THAT alone will make it better.


I hear you about the lined paper thing --:banghead:

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