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? about vison and auditory issues to you vet hsers


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Okay, so Tokyomarie said something that really got me thinking (it was a good thing you said :)). I am a new hser and new to this whole world of VT and auditory issues, etc. My older dd just picked up reading, on her own. Yes, she is doing VT because she constantly tries to just use her right eye. This is getting her into some trouble with reading - she is skipping some small letters, periods, etc now that she is reading much harder material (few grades ahead).


But my middle child, is 6. She has just had a rough start. Third set of tubes (not to mentioned almost died twice as a toddler - RSV and liver failure). She is reading on grade level, barely, and with a whole lot of effort. She is also working with a private SLP because of some mild auditory issues.


So, here is my question that I thought of after reading some posts by Tokyomarie - what do some of you veteran homeschoolers wish you could have /would have done earlier if you had a child like mine? I know there is a lot of new curriculum out there nowadays, etc. I just would really appreaciate any advice from those of you who have been there, done that. I know Elizabeth has given me some great advice already, but I can always use some more.


One thing, for example, I am wondering, is should I start with a program like Lips or Spalding or something now, or wait?

Thanks, I hope this makes sense.

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