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So if you were having surgery....

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would you do anything special to get the family/home ready?


I'm seriously drawing a blank here. Everything (swim lessons, adoption physicals, big kid work schedules, etc) is on the calendar. I figure I'll have laundry done. I mean, I *know* I'm indespensible, but I sooooo believe that for just a couple days without me, he can handle it. But maybe I'm forgetting something.


Surgery is Wednesday. I should be okay by the weekend. Dr. said I could pick up my 3yo by the 3rd day. Surgery is laproscopic so "easy." I am staying one night (but 23 or less hours by state law).


I think they'll be fine.

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I've been through this a couple of times. The best thing I did was to make freezer meals. I'd make at least 3-5 days of meals including breakfast (muffins, burritos, pancakes). Not so much for you, but for your family. Also, rent a bunch of movies or sign up for Netflix. That way, you're able to do something with your kiddos without really DOING something KWIM? Buy lots of bottled water, apple juice and other fluids to get your innards moving. Bottled because than you can even send your little ones to get it for you.


Are you going to have to do a cleanse? If so, buy some A&D ointment. PM me if you don't understand why.;)



and prayers for you!


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