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More ways that 2nd grader can use iTouch/iPad for school?

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DD7 has had an iPod Touch since she was 5....but she's just now getting into wanting to use it more for school. I know there are lots of educational apps out there. And we will be getting an iPad 3 when it is released...so we'll have a larger screen too.



Right now I'm letting her....


Do her Abeka math book and then check the problems herself using the calculator.


Do quiet reading time for 30 minutes a day on the Kindle app (I downloaded a few Magic Treehouse books on there).



I know there are other things she can do. Are there any apps where I can enter her spelling words and she can have a fun way of learning them?


Any good multiplication apps? We are learning facts right now.


Any other ways she can use it that I haven't thought of?

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Lots of good apps-just go to the app store and browse. brain pop has daily videos in English and Spanish (two separate apps) even without a subscription. PBS kids and PBS both have iPad apps. if you have Discovery steaming or Netflix, both stream to a iPad. (I haven't tried on the iPod- maybe I should).


There's an Apps for homeschooling blog and Facebook feed that reviews apps daily. I've found some good ones through there.


My DD loves doing anything on Notability, even if it's just opening a blank note and writing out her math problems there. And I love the portability-we did all the schoolwork that got done yesterday on the iPad at the dentist office. An added bonus for us pushy homeschoolers-when people see your DC playing on an iPad or iPod they don't give you the looks you get when your 2nd grader pulls out a math book.


can you tell I love my iPad? (although it is harder to type on-please excuse any typos-DD is in her science class now, so I'm on the iPad at a coffee shop)

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Math apps:


Rocket math (more fun than drill but my boys will do voluntarily)

Froggy math

Math flash

Splash Math (by grade)


My kids will play Stack the States, Stack the Countries and Presidents versus Aliens for fun.


We like brainpop too but you need internet to work and we generally use our itouch or ipad when we're away from home.


We like the storynory app and have downloaded the stories to it for offline use.

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