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Gashed myself in the eye...it will heal, right?

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Oh, the dangers of being a HSing mommy! Today, while trying to tear out a page of watercolor paper (ie very thick, like cardstock), it was hard to tear out, and finally came out with a fling right into my eye. It hurt horribly and watered for a while. After about 5 minutes, I was able to open it, and to my surprise, I wasn't blinded, lol!


It's sore, and there is a huge bloody red mark on it, on the white part. It's not like it's cut on the outside, no open cut that I can see..it almost looks like the red is on the inside of the white ball, if that makes sense.


I tried to keep it closed most of the day, by holding my hand over it, so it was a "relaxed" close. It still throbs a bit.


It'll go away on it's own right? No need for a Dr visit?

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Sorry but it isn't worth risking blindness. Go to the doctor. They can check to see if the eye has an ulcer/scratch on it. If it does you need antibiotic drops/ointment to prevent infection. Eye ulcers/scratches heal slowly, and can go bad fast. You could lose your sight if it gets infected. Please please go to an eye doctor tomorrow. Corneal abrasions are nothing to mess with.

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I once scratched my husband's cornea (by accident). He said it was quite painful. He did go to the eye doc, but was told it just needs to heal. It did.

How odd. Antibiotics to prevent infection are standard out here.


If you are not in agony, it may be a subconjunctival hemorrhage. You might google them and have a look to compare.


I'm anti-rush to the doctor. Eyes that are hurt HURT. Personally I'd watch it, but of course, that is the off-duty me speaking.

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