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? re using WWS

RobinL in Canada

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My gr 7 son is a strong writer for his age/ grade level, but after looking at the WWS sample, I wonder if I've shortchanged him by not explicitly teaching some of the things included there--for eg, outlining; writing chronological narratives with specific "time" words, etc. I'm also surprised at the idea of writing literary essays in grades 5-8--does that mean literary analysis essays? I've always thought of that as something better geared for high school. I just purchased Classical Writing Diogenes (never having used CW before, but advised by the author that Diogenes should be a good fit) but now I'm wondering if that may be too "dry" and if I ought to try WWS instead, even though some of it would clearly be old hat for my son. WWS seems so easy to follow and implement, though....How to decide (especially without spending way too much $$ or time)?


Also wondering: WSS provides lessons on writing across the curriculum. Do those of you who use it do the lessons in WWS and then *also* have your child write a similar piece on some passage from the particular era of history you are studying, using the WWS lesson as a model?

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Have you downloaded the WWS sample? I believe you can get 10 weeks here:



Yes, DS has used some of the same techniques, particularly outlining, in other subjects. My kids have benefited from taking the time to analyze the structure if the WWS passages. Older DS does the assignments also and while he does not use the specific techniques in other subject areas, he has a better grasp on organizing his own writing.

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