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Need help deciding how/if to combine ddK and dd 5 in History


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Next year I'll have a K and 5th grade student that I'd like to combine in History. I'll also have two older students and several outside teaching commitments so I'm debating how to tackle it all. We use a mostly classical model and I'd love to have them combined going forward, but just am not sure how or if it's workable. FWIW, dd who'll be in K is a bit advanced for her age (and is very interested/motivated in doing school) while dd in 5th is a less motivated student who's right at grade level.


I'm definitely needing to cover Ancients. Here are the options I'm considering. I'd love input or other suggestions.


Option1: Use Biblioplan Ancients (we did this 4 years ago with a then 1st and 5th grader and had a fabulous year). I'd use SOTW as a spine for the young one with some stuff from the AG. Use MOH as spine for the 5th grader, but allow her to re-listen to the SOTW readings. Add in some map work and more sophisticated timelines for her. She'd use readers from BP as well. Con- not sure if the K'er would get anything worthwhile out of the material or have any real retention


Option2: Enroll 5th grader in a Veritas self-paced class online. This appeals to me because it would take a huge burden off of me. Not do history at all or read something really simple like History for Little Pilgrims with the K'er.

Con- we really liked BP ancients, I'm afraid any history for the little wouldn't end up getting done.


Option 3: Use BP Ancients for older, not try to fold the little in at all. Next year use SOTW1 for little and BP year 2 materials or Veritas, etc. for older. IOW, don't try to combine these two for history.

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I have two littles and a 5th grader...


What I'm doing right now is having the 5th grader read from an old world history text a few times a week. He was supposed to read enough to finish the text this school year, but I slacked off so it will last through part of next year.


With the littles, I read from a K text book and my 5th grader actually hung out with us and would sometimes take over the instruction. The book covered mostly U.S. history and a little world geography. My oldest or I would supplement with websites, DVDs or map instruction that went along with what was being covered. Now that we have finished that book, all three are sitting in on the OT self-paced lessons from VP. The lessons actually blend nicely with what my oldest has read in his Old World history test and his daily Bible reading.


A very long answer to say- I have a separate primary resource that I use for each age range, but allow and encourage overlap between the two.


I'd probably choose your option 1 with the occasional worksheet or extra for the littles.

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