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What are you using for writing?

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I picked up Understanding Writing last week and after reading through it twice, I think I will give it a try. Dd11 has just completed Winston Grammar basic so we are going to take next year off from grammar and concentrate on her composition. I spoke with Mrs. Bradrick's husband yesterday and he said to start her in level 2 and then let her progress at a comfortable speed for her. He stated that she would probably reach level 7 within a year or 2 and then we could do a review year with grammar then proceed to level 9-12. He also said that even if she did not finish the program she will have learned more than most college freshmen. So here's hoping this one will work!

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For my older 2, I am planning on Jump In!. We really could not stand IEW or WS.


Younger ones...WWE but not with the workbooks.


One of my sons is using Jump In this year (love it!). But I have no idea what to use for him NEXT year.


Where does one go after a lovely year of Jump In? he's a middle schooler...

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We're using WWS for ds. It's perfect for where he is with writing, a bit delayed. I read, however, in another thread (which one escapes me now) a post from SWB about using WWS with older kids. It was greatly encouraging.


Here it is, post #138. http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=303489&page=14

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I have used so far MCT's Essay Voyage, Bible Based Writing Lessons in Stucture and Style (old book), and Time4Writing (this is an online class).


I am currently only doing the Structure and Style book and Time4Writing. I just want my son up to a level where he can write. The Bible Based Writing Lessons book is from IEW, but I got it at a used curriculum fair. It is an old book. I don't know if they use this anymore. I like it because it keeps him writing every week.


He is also working in Time4Learning. That is an online program. He seems to like it because he is getting graded and learning how to write. A lot of what I have taught him, the teacher is teaching him. Hopefully, he will get it!


That is what my eighth grader is doing.


Blessings in your homeschooling journey!





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I have been using WWE-style writing with the kids, but I have used the textbook as a guide without the workbooks. I tried the 3rd workbook with my son and it was a bomb. I've also used Evan-Moor's Paragraph Writing for dd, and I next year, in 5th grade, I am either going to use WWS or just buy the outlining workbooks from Remedia and work on writing across the curriculum. I don't really like the idea of a "writing curriculum" because I suffered through them (and their irritating and off-putting writing prompts) all the way through school.


For ds, who needs far more step-by-step, explicit instruction in mechanics and style than dd (who is a natural and strong writer), I am considering going with Meaningful Composition or one of the free writing books from Google after another year or so of working on narrations. I also have several of the Imitation in Writing books, so I will probably have him work on some of those, too.



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We were using WWS for 6th and 8th but my dc wanted to go back to using IEW. So now we are using, for 3rd, 6th and 8th:


Institute for Excellence in Writing - Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (I just give them assignments from their history, science and literature).


Killgallon Elementary and Middle School (this is more of our applied grammar subject but the confidence in stylistic skill is tremendous.)


For K, 1st, 2nd and part of 3rd I use WWE.

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I like Writing Tales for 4th and 5th grade. My oldest is in 6th and honestly, Rod and Staff is enough for now. Next year we'll do IEW's The Elegant Essay. We started it this year and learning about the different types of essays, as well as thesis statements has helped her immensely. She'll be using it next year in a Veritas Press class, so I decided to shelve it and work on strengthening other areas of writing.

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