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After MFW first grade?


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This is a question for those who have used MFW first grade and either didn't continue with MFW or didn't use their LA recommendations for the higher levels ... what did you use for Language arts after first grade?


I am thinking of moving into red LLATL but would like to consider the other options too.



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Just trying to work out what sort of curriculum and/or level would be suitable for my dd after she completes the phonics in MFW first grade. I suspect some of Red LLATL would be review of the MFW phonics but that's probably ok.


What else could I be considering for LA after she completes MFW first grade? We are about 2/3 through the year.

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I did continue with MFW recommendations.... (PLL and Spelling, and unit study based materials)


but those are just recommendations. not requirements if you continue with their programs.


in any case....


You'll want to make sure that you have spelling (phonics based is good)


a wide variety of reading... in MFW manuals after first, they give book basket and general reading lists.

you can use narration for reading comprehension.


writing - either copywork dictation notebooking, or other methods.....


I dont' know the level of LLATL, but if there is review at 2nd grade, that's ok. A lot of these skills get reviewed over and over.


maybe that will get some conversation started. :)




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To those who have used MFW 1st, were you happy with the Complete book of Math or did you use another math program?



The Complete Book of Math is not the math program. It is a workbook supplement to the math in the 1st grade manual. The order of the topics in the workbook helps organize the overall year, but the workbook is the last thing in the day.


I was fine with the whole program in math.

*daily activities for concepts and application.

*literature books from library

*games on each math topics (no bells or whistles... instructions in manual)

*some writing with it (some pencil)

*and workbook.


I'd probably not be happy if all I did was the workbook. My kiddo wouldn't have liked it either. We like the workbook,but if that is all we did... eh? I'm in the mindset that hands on, practical, concrete stuff is better in first grade than "do your worksheet".



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oops... I hit send before finishing a thought..


another aspect of the math in mfw 1st comes with the pattern animals and book in deluxe. It's not just "fill in this pattern with blocks'. The book includes about 20 pages of various science/math/critical thinking skills to use with 26 animal patterns. So that's a fun workbook - get to build with blocks and then do stuff with it... and learn.



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