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Potty trained, but now regressing at 4.5yo

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The last few weeks he's been peeing in his underwear more often than not. He was pretty late to be potty trained, I'd say he's only been fully trained around 7-8 months, but goodness gracious--he'll be five in May! He doesn't say anything about it, we find out when we see or feel that he's wet. He seems very comfortable with peeing his pants, and when I ask him why he didn't go in the potty he says he doesn't know. :001_huh: He also says it doesn't hurt. He's my fifth child, and the other four never had a problem so I'm mystified.


He hasn't regressed in other ways, just with potty training, but we have an appointment next week to see the pediatrician because another doctor said he presents as having developmental delays. Could there be a relationship there?

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