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Headed out to the hospital...

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I don't post much about it of late, but DH is disabled and has extremely complex medical problems. He had major surgery 18 months ago with superstar doctor who finally resolved some of his issues, so we had quiet spell there other than three outpatient procedures with the same doctor over the holidays.


This morning had a series of bad chest pains that came and went while he was at work. He ended up in the ER. Thankfully the EKG and bloodwork is fine, but they want to do more this afternoon and keep him overnight. He is a very complex case because of all of his surgeries (15+) and various hardware and electronics in his body that keep him going.


So we'd value your thoughts and prayers. It may be nothing. Or it may not be.

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It indeed looks like nothing, but they've got him on cardiac monitoring overnight there.


We've been through so much medical stuff with him, it is hard not to worry.




Of course you're worried! Chest pains are scary, and when someone has already had major health issues, it's hard not to panic. Fortunately, he did the right thing and sought help right away, and is being cooperative about being in the hospital.


I'll pray that he's OK.

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