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My dd is doing a poster for foreign languages week. The theme is "We're connected...now communicate." She's going to have people speaking in different languages. In each pair, one will say

"We're connected..." and the other will say "now communicate."


Naturally, there's no way I can go online and get a good translation to get the gist of what is being said. Could any of you give me a good translation in any language that you are fluent in? Ideally it would be great to have it in at least one or two other languages that don't use the same alphabet, so if that's the case, can you give me what I need to get it translated correctly online? Arabic and/or Asian languages, Greek & Russian are some of the other alphabet (or non alphabet ways of writing) eg's. Her original idea had 20 people with 10 pairs, but she can do fewer people.


Ideally I'd like this from a native speaker or someone who is really fluent in the idiomatic ways of saying things if necessary. I can certainly put this into bad German, for eg, but I know that you can't just translate connected into any language and always get the same essence.

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