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My 3rd grader has a hard time with retention. We can go over something 1,000,000 times, but when I ask a question, she'll give a wrong answer.


Example: FLL lesson. We'll go over (multiple times) a part of speech and then when we get to the sentence I'll ask her to identify the p.o.s. (subject, verb, conjunction, preposition... it doesn't matter) and she'll give me the wrong word. Daily.


It's not just with grammar. We have gone over more than 1,000,000 times what country we live in. Hello, this is a soldier's daughter. She'll give the state we live in. So, I'll ask:


What is the name of the street you live on?

What is the name of the city you live in?

What is the name of the state you live in?

What is the name of the country you live in?


THAT can get me a correct answer - usually, but not always.


I've changed curriculum, I've tried having her write answers to cement facts (oh, how she despises writing - anything). We've switched from spiral math to mastery math. We've done more hands-on... I'm struggling here. Help. :001_huh:

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You need to get her evaluated by a neuropsych and maybe more. Something probably isn't processing right. Read about auditory processing disorders. ADHD can causes similar symptoms, but they'd usually know the city they're in, mercy.


What you're talking about is not within the realm of normal curriculum problems, and it's not you. It means it's time to get answers, and the neuropsych and other evals are how you get them. "When the Brain Can't Hear" anything on ADHD, any of that would be a good place to start.

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Thank you for the responses. I will say I'm quite overwhelmed. I know absolutely zero about processing disorders. As far as I know, we don't have any food intolerances or sensory issues. This dd has always required more (of everything) and I have always chalked that up to personality.


She can read. She doesn't love reading, but she can & does do it. Quite well, even. She hasn't had any testing done (other than hearing & regular vision exams). She had a hearing test done in public school in K, which was fine. She gets regular vision exams because dh and I both wore glasses (prior to LASIK) and our other dd wears glasses as well. Her vision isn't perfect, but she doesn't yet need glasses.


And she does know what city she lives in. She knows her address, city & state, but when she gives me the wrong answer for what country we live in (still makes me :confused:), I back up and ask her the questions of street, city, state, etc. to get her to think about her answer. Does that make sense?


In TN we were required by our umbrella school to take the Stanford 10 each year, and while she didn't blow it out, she didn't test below grade level in anything. As a matter of fact, I think she was above grade level in most areas and on grade level in one or two. I need to pull them out and look.


All the testing that has been mentioned... I don't even know where to begin with something like that.


I so appreciate you all taking the time to give me input. Off to google...

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I was just coming to ask about my DD w/a similar issue. She complains and is frustrated with herself that she can't remember anything. She's 7 and wouldn't always be able to tell you our country. It would be because she wouldn't remember what the word country means at first. She knows we live in the USA. I see it across the board w/every subject and it is maddening. She can't tell me what time half past 6 is because she can't explain what past means. She hates narration because she can't remember what she just read at all. I asked her to read a chapter and tell me about it and she actually hand copied the whole thing to read back to me because she was trying to be sure she wouldn't forget again! I have a hard time knowing how much is behavioral as she stares into space, faces the wrong direction if we're watching a video, fidgets with other things, etc; and how much is neurological, because I know she wants to do well and it frustrates her greatly. She does try. I can work with her on something for an hour, think she has it, and the next day it is like we are completely starting over. :confused: I looked up ADD in girls but I don't think she fits it. My mom and MIL say they were the same in school and never did very well. I don't know how to help- nobody ever helped my mom and MIL and they are....um...not the sharpest pencils still. I don't think it is a problem w/ innate intelligence but I'm not sure what to do. Would a doctor take us seriously if I just complain that she is spacey and ditzy?


I'm sorry I'm no help. I'm subscribing to this thread too! She has an identical twin (same DNA) and she has some of the symptoms but isn't as bad.

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