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anyone ever used Feliway plun ins for cats

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our cats are getting very stressed out over our packing for our move. Some of them are throwing up and at least one is peeing all over the house. Of course we don't want to leave pee smell for the new owners and we don't want our new house to smell either. Has anyone ever used the Feliway plug ins to calm down their cats and control stress/behavior peeing. All cats have been tested for UTI's (that was an ordeal testing all of them ) and none have infections so vet said must be stress or behavior. He rec. Feliway.

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We haven't used those, but our vet gave us a feline version of Prozac. It come in a container similar to Chapstick. You expose a bit of medicine on the end of the tube and rub it on the inside of their ear. We used it for a month and it worked well. The vet said that rarely does a cat need more than one month on the medicine.

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