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My teen seems to need only 5-6 hrs sleep. Is this normal?

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I have an older teen who consistently gets only 5-6 hours sleep per night. It has been this way for a couple of years now. She is a happy, positive, reliable young lady who also loves being busy. She is often up baking at midnight/1 am. (I smell it in my sleep.) She is involved in a choir at the local ps, which practices at 7am. Even on weekends when she has a chance to sleep in, she is up at the crack of dawn. It just seems...abnormal to me. Are there really people like this? A couple other notes: this is my daughter who has chronic migraines. I don't know if there's a connection or not. She has never felt that her headaches interfere with her sleep. Another strange thing is that she can sleep anywhere. I don't mean she falls asleep during the day. She never naps or seems tired during the day. But for example, if we were staying overnight at a relative's house and there weren't enough beds, she'd just plop down on the hard floor without even a blanket, and sleep just fine. It seems rather strange!

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Guest submarines

I good friend of mine only needs about 5 hours of sleep. She is full of energy, and is hardly ever tired. I, on the other hand, need at least 10. I can (and do) survive on 8, but I don't like it.

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