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Misery loves company


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Please tell me I'm not the only one whose kid throws a fit, whines, cries, and speaks in 150 octaves higher than normal when s/he is frustrated doing math. :glare:

Oh, yeah. My extra student Cuppycake whines, speaks in 150 octaves higher than normal, and tells me she is dying as she melts out of the chair and onto the floor. Although she may occasionally act dramatically pathetic, she saves her true meltdown moments of fit throwing and crying for her mom.:tongue_smilie:


I think most children have bad days from time to time and for a certain, not-so-small percentage of children a particular subject is a trigger subject for frustration. If I skip telling you how I had to march Mr. Sassy-Mouth Doodle into another room or how Miss Pitiful Cuppycake melted out of her chair and into a puddle on the floor while whining that she was dying, it is because I only give these things the least amount of attention necessary to keep moving forward. I do not reward undesired behavior with lengthy amounts of my time. In word and deed I try to focus on and spend my time promoting appropriate behavior.


Anyway, I just wanted to assure you that you are in no way alone.:)


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