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Fitness DVD pet peeve of mine -- poor reviews because a workout is too easy!

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Just a vent here . . .


I don't get out to the gym any more. Since we were paying for 3 family members' individual memberships, we decided to purchase a treadmill for all of us to use at home. And I use videos for strength/Pilates/yoga.


Often I'm online reading reviews and watching clips before choosing what I'll try next. And OFTEN a video gets negative reviews because it's "too easy" for the reviewer.




Shouldn't a video with "beginners" in the title BE EASY???


I know many people will find the videos I attempt too easy. Why did they review a video for beginners??? Is it not possible for them to consider that there may be an overweight, middle-aged non-athlete who might want to try to workout? And who might find those popular ones discouraging? And who might NEED something "easy" to build confidence and heart health?


That a video might be a WONDERFUL A+ video for the right audience?


And then there's the "too short" review.


REALLY? The workout time is LISTED on the description. If you wanted to exercise more than an hour, why did you pick a 30 minute workout?


And then sometimes there's the insulting, "This may be useful for older people." All the while giving the lowest rating. I'm sure there are older people who aren't looking for beginner workouts.





OK. Vent over.

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Tanya, I hear you :grouphug:. It can be frustrating. I try to read reviews in several places, if I can - amazon, collage, VF forums, etc. Most importantly, I try to see video clips. Not always possible, however. I have found the VF forums to be the most helpful of all, so far.

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