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What is the BEST college-ruled 3-hole punched notebook paper?

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What is the BEST college-ruled 3-hole punch loose leaf white notebook paper?


I usually buy store brands from office supply stores, but they are done so cheaply that in our most recent pack, the top two lines of every other page is smeared, and the lines in general are not uniform. (they are spaced evenly, just some are printed darker/thicker and some are lighter).


What paper can I buy that doesn't have issues like this? What is your favorite "perfect" notebook filler paper?


Goodness, I sound so OCD, don't I?! :D

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Considering I end up throwing away most of the work on notebook paper at the end of the year, I'm not too concerned about good quality. If I am, I've been known to print my own from the Donna Young site.


I have found 8.5x11 paper. I think I found it at Staples, but it's not the paper you find at the back-to-school sales.

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We started having a lot of trouble with the store brands and typical Walmart back-to-school sale stuff. We switched to Mead Five Star reinforced filler paper and no more complaints.


This is what we use as well. My ds has dysgraphia & the surface of this paper is much smoother than store brands. We don't use a lot of it because almost all work is done on the computer.


One of the biggest problems we had w/store brand paper was that the holes were too close to the edge of the paper & they didn't last long. After spending a few years and a lot of time putting reinforcements on many papers, we gave in & got the Mead paper. It has uniform holes that are a good distance from the edge of the paper and they are already reinforced. They also have graph paper with these same features.

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Well, this shows how smart you people are! I've had the same complaints about the notebook paper but it never occurred to me to try another brand!! Duh! I think I'll try the Mead paper. Is it thicker than the cheap paper? Mine seems so thin that we have to have several sheets of paper together to make a smooth surface instead of feeling like we're writing directly on the table.

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