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Question about a BSF Bible study question this week - the reason for Moses to veil?

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The passage is 2 Corinthians 3.


I always thought that Moses veiled his face after meeting with the Lord in the tabernacle because the reflected Shekinah glory from M's face was too bright to behold.


However, the Corinthians passage seems to be saying that the reason he veiled his face was so the Israelites wouldn't see that the "glory" faded (2 Cor 3:13). I am wondering if Paul (as it seems to fit in context) is saying that the old covenant would fade away when the new came in.


However, I am wondering if it means that even as it faded from M's face, the glory of God was still too bright to behold.


What is your understanding of this?

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I will get to the notes very soon! So I will be a good girl and wait. But thanks for offering, Rhonda. I was just trying to remember this, it's been so long since I studied it. I was curious as I went through that day's questions this morning. It always rattles me when I relearn something I remember studying years ago.


Anna, neither. I will send you a pm.

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I'm not in the BSF study...but my understanding of this was that it was a bit of pride, Moses did not want everyone to realize that the glory was fading from his face...kind of a human pride in having been God's right hand man, but because the glory was fading, people might think he wasn't so close to God anymore.

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