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Can I make a greenhouse with this playhouse frame and what would I do with it?

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I have this playhouse frame: http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/pottery-barn-kids-playhouse-frame-all-77936900

It's not very big (46" wide x 30" long x 47.5" high). I could fit a few little shelves and a sitting person. I was thinking I could use plastic sheeting and a staple gun... Does that make it a greenhouse?? :tongue_smilie:


My next question... :blush: What would I do with it? I live in Southern California, so it never gets too cold. I've looked in our library catalog and at Amazon for books on the subject, but it seems like they're written for bigger greenhouses.


-Do you think it's a simple(ish) project since I have the frame and staple gun already?

-What kind of plastic should I use?

-What would you grow in such a small space?

-I wouldn't want to add lighting (just an open roof covered in plastic). Is that a problem?

-Can you recommend a book or website?


This frame has seen better days. The thought of giving it a new life is fun for me. What do you think?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I would make it a chicken coop. (Yeah, too much PBS watching.)


You have warm weather, so why a greenhouse? Why not anchor planter boxes and build an herb garden? Cover the frame with screen to keep the birds out. :)


I'd love to have chickens! If we buy this house I'm going to seriously consider it.


Is there no reason to have a greenhouse if you live in a warm area? Can you tell I know nothing about this? :D


Are you saying to put herbs inside or outside the house?

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Inside the house with the herbs. The birds eat them like crazy.


Oh.... you could make it a Berry hut too!!!! Again, with the sreen, cover it and plant the berry bushes inside. :)


You could cover it and grow bannas - a greenhouse use. You would need high humidity and heat.


Maybe you should wait until tomorrow. I won't be able to breathe tonight, and I will watch more PBS! LOL

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No need for a greenhouse. Unless you want to grow some very tropical plants. A greenhouse for you would get very hot, humid and you could find yourself growing some great fungus, mildew, slugs and bugs.


Can you make it into a tool storage area?


Hmmm... I could see it turning into a mold farm. That's my gardening skills in a nut shell. :D


Maybe I'll just toss an old sheet over it and let them use it as a fort.

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