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I just need to vent!

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We have had such a long couple of months. I haven't been on here hardly at all because I have been going through things, packing boxes up stairs, trying to make everything fit.


My husband is not able to work at the moment because of health issues and we really don't know if he is going to be able to again. He is nearly 77 but has NEVER had any desire to totally retire. It now seems as though he has no choice.


Because of this our income has been cut and we were already living on a very tight budget. We are now turning the lower part of our house into an apartment and have moved everyone on to the main floor. We have done/are going to do some major changes on the main floor to give everyone a space of their own. The kids space is a very small room each but it will do.


We have sold a lot things that we no longer have room to store. Some have been very difficult to give up but we got fair prices for them and have really needed the finances. Yesterday we got our wood burner sold. We need to get it out of the middle of our living room. There just isn't room any more. That was a big blessing. The guys are supposed to come and take it tomorrow. Great! The problem is there is high wind warnings for our area.:001_huh: Our middle son was coming today to start the painting in what will be the apartment and he was going to take the chimney out of the ruff and close up the hole so the guy coming tomorrow would still be able to take it all without the wind problem stopping anything.


Well, it is 3:31 our time and our son has still not showed up. Yesterday he informed me that he was going to have to wait until a utility guy came as his wife has decided to go help her mother. This happens so much and I really have simply shaken it off in the past but this is such a major for us. We need this stove out, we need these rooms painted as we really do need to be able to rent this area the first of the month. Time is running out.


Couldn't we have come first just this once?


I know I am tired, I need to have this all over so we can get back to what ever normal life is going to be.


If you are a prayer, I would appreciate them right now.

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It is amazing what a good nights sleep can do. :D The guy is still coming after the stove and my son said he will get the roof stuff done tomorrow. He will then paint and finish on Sat.


I really need to appologize for dumping on everyone. I normally deal with life better than that. Guess it was just a breaking point. Anyway, thanks for 'listening' and I do appreciate the prayers. We do still need that very special renter.:001_smile:

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