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Have you used HSITW Time Travelers with a Literature Based curriculum?


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If you have used Homeschool in the Woods Time Traveler CDs combined with a literature based curriculum, can you share what you used and how you did it? Did you use the TT CD as a "spine," adding in literature as it fit, or did you use a different program, adding in TT activities as they fit?


We're longtime Sonlight users and we will begin Core D in the fall. But my kids LOVE doing hands on activities and I'm wondering if I should adjust my approach to more hands-on, a little less literature, and am looking for ideas and ways to implement that approach.



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Yes, we did/do. I started out with Sonlight and decided I wanted to add in "more". I loved the look of TT and decided to just add in the activities where they would fit in chronologically. What a pain that was for me!


What I have settled on now (and it's working great) is using TT as the "spine" and following their schedule but I add in any books that go along with that period. I don't schedule the books like Sonlight does though. I just pick out whichever books I like and then let the kids pick the order. If we finish them all, great. If not, that's ok too. So much easier to schedule this way.


So basically on the days we do history, we do an entire TT lesson. Throughout the whole week we are also reading whatever books we have that go along. This was also great for me because I tend to add in books all the time and then it was just too much. This has been working so well for us that I plan to keep it up for all of our future history. That way I can use all the different books from all the different curriculum that I want.


Hope that helps,

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