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Oahu - Artis family..good news there..

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I know a couple of you here know the Artis family up in Haliewa.


I stopped by for a visit and Victoria (mom) tells me that Ronnie, the oldest, is getting married in November. Young lady from Europe. She is going to work with the family and perform in Haliewa, as well as have her own music & dance studio.


Everyone there is doing really good, and Praise Jesus has really been working on extended notes and holding them. It's enough to make you faint she's so good!


Victoria and I were talking about homeschooling, and I had no idea she'd been home educated in Europe - she had some really good stories about that. I was so glad to see her looking so well.


I missed her the last two visits out there, and was so thrilled to see her again.

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