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Would doing Teaching Textbooks Algebra II and Precalculus in one year cover the same

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material as Foerster's Algebra II and Trig.? Thanks for recommendations. I don't think ds.2 will be able to work independently with Foerster's Algebra II. So any curriculum that he can work independently on for Algebra II would work for him. Thanks for any input. He finished Foerster's Algebra I.

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Some Algebra 2 topics are in TT Precalc., but the Precalc. is a full program. I read the table of contents to our cousin, an honors math teacher, and he said it covered all precalc. topics. We did TT Precalc., it was rough. The topics go in order, and there is constant review like Saxon, and each review problem had a twist to it and it threw ds every time.


If your ds likes the TT format, then you need a year for each. If you finish Alg. 2 early, you could start precalc, but unless he is a math/science whiz, I doubt he could finish both in a year. Sometimes, precalc can take up to 3 semesters (Chalkdust said this about their program).

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