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Any Little House on the Prairie Fans? (especially half pint!)

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Very cool! I just asked my sewing savvy mother if she could work on pioneer dresses for my three girls. She's been looking over patterns. Did you buy your dress or make it yourself?


This is the pattern company you should use. I have these patterns and they are perfect for Little House Dresses. http://www.modestsewingpatterns.com/

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Beautiful photos!!! I live in So. Cal., too. Where did you shoot this? I would love to take DS there for photos some time!


Her costume is brilliant! Well done! :thumbup:

We're in San Diego, and this spot is near Rancho Bernardo (have no idea specifically the name of the street though - we discovered it when we first moved here).


My suggestion? Drive around some less habitated place. This spot is just outside a very developed area. Like *just* outside. I would never have known it existed, but one day I said "let's drive around to find a photo spot" and bam, there it was. I need to do this more though, because it can be such an adventure and you honestly never know what you can find in your own backyard. I need to do this more also! It's just fun for the kids to experience nature in a totally new spot.

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we own all the dvds from the tv series. When my dc were little, they would spend hours every day playing Little House, My dd was always Laura (she was such a cute Korean half-pint in pigtails) and my son often had to be Mary (he hated that). Sometimes, he got to be Pa and sometimes Albert.


Your photos are beautiful and so is your dd.

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