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Etiquette for receiving a 'Preview copy'?


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I am curious about CPO science for the middle grades and so I emailed my rep. He said if I gave him my address he would send a preview copy. I received what appears to an amazing set of CPO science materials - teachers guide, student text and investigations, a bunch of cd's and several catalogs. I have not had a chance to really look at it yet, but wow! Does that mean I send it all back when I am done considering the program? Or do I keep it (if I love it) and then he knows I will likely buy the other levels or parts to the program? Having never done this before 1. I am impressed and 2. wondering what to do next after I look things over. If it is as great as I am hoping it is, I certainly want to find the best price, but acknowledge his potential generosity without appearing completely ignorant of the process, which at the moment I am! LOL

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