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Need A Book or video on HOME BIRTH

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Hello, I have had so many bad experiences ( PTS) now I am thinking of at least doing most of my laboring at home, and was thinking about a home birth, but can't find anyone to help. I still want a good book or DVD to help me prepare in case I don't make it to the hospital. I have been tortured, and prefer not to be induced, but have been a few times with no pain med's... I do not want an epidural unless there are complications and a very long labor.

This is our 8th living child, and I have loved the totally natural labor and births I have had ( the best was with an RN) and she was more like a doula / midwife rolled into 1! The Dr. was there but when she called him, he did not come. Never have I had a really good midwife to say the least. And they made it illegal for them to deliver in the hospital, plus the hospital that is 5 minutes away does not deliver anymore. So, I have about a 45 minute drive, and I usually have alot of fierce pain, and go to the hospital too soon.

Circumstances that don't help are a very anxious husband who freaks out and no one to help with our other children. Since my dad died, my mom has shown her true colors and refused to help at all. She is upset that I have more than 1 child.... and I love her, but can't ask her for anything.

So, I want to be prepared either way. Thanks for any recommendation.:001_smile:

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Are you looking more for a mdical type text or a general one? Are you thinking of doing it alone? If so, you will need something much more detailed than if you will have a doula or midwife.


FWIW hospital midwives are often much different than homebirth midwives.


I would suggest Ina May''s Guide to Childbirth if you haven't looked at it already.

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Heart and Hands, by Elizabeth Davis is very good and will tell you a lot. People also recommend Gregory White's Emergency Childbirth, but it is not my favorite; it was pretty basic for a repeat mom, IIRC, and I remember thinking some of the advice was out-of-date (can't remember what, though; I haven't looked at it in about three years).


I watched a lot of birth videos online to show my little ones what natural birth was like.


If you're thinking of doing an unassisted birth, that can be a very reasonable option for a low-risk woman, if your heart is in it (as opposed to doing it because you feel like you have no other choice). You will probably want to research many options for things like stuck shoulders, possibly even writing them down in case you or your husband panic. You may want to find a backup midwife, who will come if you need her or not, and/or who will come afterward to check on you and the baby. You also need to look into how to get the birth certificate in your state if you do an unassisted birth; it's trickier in some than others.

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Netflix has (had?) The Business of Being Born streaming.


For books there are:


Homebirth by Shiela Kitzinger

The Complete Book Of Pregnancy and Childbirth by Shiela Kitzinger

Home Birth Advantage by Mayer Eisentein

The Thinking Women's Guide to Birth by Henci Goer

Birthing From Within by Pam England

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

Women Giving Birth by Astrid Limburg and Beatrijs Smulders



My midwife's husband made this movie for men:


Snort..if you click on the "Doctors chose homebirth" you can see an interview with our family doctor.

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Thanks for all of the recommendations. Please pray for a good delivery soon. I am due in just a few days.:lol:



In that case, PM me and I can talk with you about the practical application logistics of a straightforward, no problems birth. I can't help or advise with problems/issues that come up, but I can walk you through what to do when if everything goes great.


ETA -- I didn't realize there was a 3-month gap between posts there, LOL! I just read the thread straight through and thought you were asking for book recs., and then saying you were due any time. :-)

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I really like Ina May's Guide to Childbirth or Spiritual Midwifery. They both fall on the hippie side, but they get me in a good frame of mind before a birth. They are just really encouraging. She wants clients to be in the right mental place in labor (not angry at a spouse, prepared to meet the baby, accepting of the pain of labor). It always helps me to get over my last minute terror about the idea of going through labor again.

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