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Please tell me how I can teach my dd how to do a cartwheel.


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At recreational gymnastics class, they've "translated" it for kids starting out by first having them practice putting both hands down next to a line (a seam on the mat) and then jumping both feet "over the river" (over the line). After getting the idea of putting both hands on the floor and the foot movement, they move on to chanting "hand, hand, foot, foot" for the motion. Sometimes they've used several carpet squares, with a square for each hand and foot. That said, I've never taught one myself, only seen the instructors do it at the kids' classes.


Erica in OR

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Teach her to donkey kick first. Like doing a hand stand, but just kick feet up one at a time and right back down. The kartwheel on something off the ground, hands on a chair or low stool, we used mats 6 inches high, then kick feet across from one side to the other.


Not putting hands all the way down to the floor helps get the motion without having to go upside down. I have seen and taught 3,4,&5 year olds this way. If she is determined, she will get it.

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