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Transcript template??? Need fast help, please...

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Without going into unnecessary detail, I need to put together a transcript in the next 24 hours. I have a list of classes my boys have taken (sophomore and freshman) and the grades they earned. I guess I just need to figure out how to list this in transcript format. I'm awful with things like Excel. Is there an online "fill in the blank" type template for a transcript? What's the quickest way to do this?

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If you need to put it together quickly, I'd just use Word or whatever program you're used to and put the grade (year) with a line underneath and then put the number of credits (1 or .5) followed by the course name and then the grade. I'd just tab over to the different columns. Simple and should be fine. Don't forget to add the words "Official Transcript" to it so they don't question its validity. :)


At the bottom of the grades column, I'd give the GPA and note whether it's weighted or unweighted.

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ThelmaLou could you tell me if the one you purchase allows more classes to be listed than the free one? The free one has a limit of 8 per year.


Yes, it lets you list more than 8 classes. I have 10 listed for this year, because each of my daughter's semester long dual enrollment classes gets listed on a separate line, and there's no problem.


My only criticism is that I wish I could change the font size on the generated transcript.

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