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Looking for review of PLATO elementary/middle grades


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I am considering PLATO for my now 5th grader for some subjects. I have been unable to find a review on it though. Has anyone used it? Does it keep track of grades or allow the parent easy access to see the student's progress? Is it easy for the student to know how to progress in the program without a lot of help? Would you consider using the language portions, along with a writing curriculum, Daily Grams, and books to read to be sufficient for language?


I would appreciate any feedback.




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I really like the program, but I'm using it with a 2e child so my needs are a little different. If you want to try it out, you can get a subscription via homeschoolbuyerscoop right now that's good through June and costs considerably less than a full year. I started with the short term trial last year and decided to make it my core curricula for my 11 y.o. this year.


I have looked at the grammar sections and am pleased with them, but we use it mostly for science and math so I can't really speak to the other sections' effectiveness. I would note that for social studies and some of the language arts sections, the program isn't actually online/interactive but refers the student to offline work or requires the student to read through and search the material. (That would be the reason I don't use those sections as much. ;)) All the social studies is non-interactive, but it looks like only a few portion of the grammar are and the rest are audio/visual similar to science and math.


I see that there are icons for progress reports in the program, but I don't use them. Each section has applications, practice sections and a final mastery test and I'm usually in the room when DS is doing those so I know how he's done. I DO know, and DON'T like that if you start a mastery test and then exit out before completion you can't access it again. I have made the mistake of trying to take a look at a test before DS takes it and then exiting out and the test then becomes locked. I assume this is to prevent the student from just taking the test over and over again to get a better score.


Sorry my post is so confusing. There are so many different options with the program it is hard to describe them all.

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