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Okay, quick background....as some of you know, I had an almost miraculous recovery of some pretty significant pain, mobility problems and health issues (crazy blood pressure, dizzyness, etc) back in Nov 2010 by going to an Osteopath who did OMT. I saw another one after overdoing it when we got back to Texas. It was a completely different experience but after a lot of initial pain, I again felt better.


Well, last Tuesday, I went to this doctor and didn't have as much initial pain; but the pain has increasingly gotten worse, is now including muscle cramps in my back, a headache I can't shake, and I managed to dislocate both my hip and shoulder (things I used to do fairly regularly) yesterday. It was only slight on the dislocations, but both happened DURING the Christian meeting (think church). How did I manage that?


Should I, this far out, be feeling better already? I don't know how long it took last time. I remember fearing I wouldn't feel better so I have been running on that this week, that I *thought* this way before. But I don't know if was a week out and I am pretty sure I didn't get worse past the initial manipulation pains (feels like bruising).


It costs a LOT of money to go to this guy. So I don't want to go back so soon (he generally schedules appointments a month apart to allow the body healing time) if I just need more time. But I *need* to be able to feel better than I do right now.


My son has mentioned me "whining" about it a few times. I think they just got used to me doing so much better. But *I* am really fearful that it may stop working. I just can't have that! Obviously, I *can* parent through this (as I did for many years), but....but it was supposed to be different this time.


So those of you with OMT knowledge, would you say a week is long enough to go ahead and schedule an appointment (would probably be 1-2 weeks out) or ????


Right now, I would LOVE if I could take a month or so vacation up to the mountains in SW Virginia. I'll take the kids even. I just wish I could go to that doctor!

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I am a family physician who did OMT as part of my practice. Yes, I would schedule another appointment. I have had patients come to me weekly for a while for treatment and others who only one visit was enough. It's all so individual. I wouldn't worry that you were scheduling another visit too soon. Hope you get some relief quickly!:)

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Schedule the appointment - don't worry about it being too soon - he obviously did alot of work on you, hence, the way you feel now.:grouphug:


Perhaps just a little here and there and you will feel better -- and don't forget to rest (I know), and drink tons of water.


When I have had OMT, I usually feel okay the first day and then the second and third day, I feel like I have been hit by a bus.


My dd (who goes once a month) is chronically ill and does tend to spend DAYS sleeping afterward.



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No, its not too soon if you have pain. Any previous pain, or resultant pain should have resolved within 1-4 days usually. It's really important to SIP lots of water (at least 6 glasses a day) in the day prior to a treatment, preferably a few days prior, if you don't usually drink so much. Its equally important to drink before and after, or you could feel like a bus ran you over!

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