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Let's talk about sugar scrubs.

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If you found a sugar scrub that you really liked, would you prefer it to be packaged in glass or plastic jars?


We are having a difference of opinion. Someone thinks plastic always sends a cheap vibe, and someone else just doesn't think glass in the shower is safe.


So assume both jars look the same. Both are amber, and low profile so it is easy to reach the product. Let's also assume that they cost the same for the producer and for the customer.


Which one would you rather buy?

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Yes it is. Right now I actually do have both available. I was agreeable to all glass until I broke one in the shower. I was paranoid about cleanning every speck up, but I still got glass in my foot several times after I thought it was clean.


I am thinking of it from a liability standpoint. I have very good insurance, but never want to need it.


I just feel bad for dd who HATES the plastic.

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