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Favorite bread pans?

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If you bake your own bread, what size/brand bread pans work best for a loaf used for sandwiches?

The one I have is for a 9" loaf (fairly small), straight sides and a lid that slides on to keep the top flat when it rises.


This isn't where I got mine (local store...) but it's very similar: Williams-Sonoma Pullman Pans

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I think the typical size is 8-1/2 inches x 4 -1/2 inches for regular bread and 9x5 for quick breads. My preference is for something I can put in the dishwasher!


ETA: Do any of you use that pullman style pan with the lid?


Pullmans are very nice. Grease them well.

I like Chicago Metallic.

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I don't make my own bread anymore but when I did I made 3 loaves with these:




i liked the longer loaves because my kids didn't really like the heals anyway. Besides, it was easy to bake 3 long loaves rather than 5 reg. sized ones.


I would imagine there are other places to buy these that may be cheaper, but this is the site I know about.

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My sister gave me a Pullman pan (the larger one) for Christmas. I love it!!!! It makes a great loaf in a size and shape which are acceptable to all family members (read, DH). I use the pan de mie recipe on King Arthur flour's website, but use half whole wheat flour and less sugar. Mine is made by AMCO Bakeware and has a silicone coating, so nothing sticks and I don't grease the pan at all. The only "problem" I've had is letting the dough rise too long (yes, I forget about it), so the lid pops up when it's baking. Mixing the dough is very easy by hand, and even easier if done in the bread machine.


It's a great pan.

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I've looked at them lots of times but keep thinking everything will stick to the lid. Is there a best type of recipe for them?


I've done white and wheat. You have to grease the lid. Then, it slides off. It takes a little practice, but you can remove the lid the last bit to get the top to harden a bit. The recipe needs to have a little oil or butter in it, but most sandwich bread does.

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I recently bought a pullman off of Amazon. I love it since I don't have to grease it or anything. The bread doesn't stick at all! Just pops right out no mess at all.


It is a USA pan 13x4x4 perfect size.


ETA: I got this to store the bread in and I am 100% satisfied I did. The bread stays super soft and fresh way longer than any other storage container I have found.

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