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What are your 2nd graders memorizing??

Virginia Heather

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Mine is learning his awana verses, poems (spends about 3 weeks per poem), we did Sonnet 18 during the first 12 weeks of school, and then some random things for science (planets) and history (is memorizing the Kings and Queens of England...but I have to admit this is not going as well as I'd hoped. Partly b/c I keep forgetting about it, and then he forgets some and we have to back up.) With FLL he's memorizing some grammar stuff but we skip their poems.

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We spend about five minutes per day on memory work, but we can actually get a lot memorized.


Bible verses

Days of creation

excerpt from the Declaration of Independence, year, reason why it was written

Preamble of the Constitution, year, three facts about it

Three facts about the Bill of Rights, year

12 major wars of the U.S.


Various goegraphy facts (continents, oceans, longest river, tallest mountain, largest waterfall, largest lake, largest island, largest continent, major deserts...)

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An American history timeline I made up.

A history sentence about what we are learning that week.

Science definitions

Parts of speech definitions and lists

Poetic/literary terms

Skip counting/addition and subtraction facts

Bible verses from Proverbs


We alternate what we work on during memory time each day except Bible verses and the American history timeline which we do every day. We only work on it for 15 minutes each day.

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We're working daily on our AWANA verses, and we've memorized the Old/New Testament books. We're slowly working our way through the VP history cards, and this week I plan to start states & capitals (with older brothers). Any other ideas??


Oh, states/capitals is a great idea.


We're doing 1 Cor. 13. This one is taking us a looong time.

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