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Recent Middle East History - xpost

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I would like to spend a week or so introducing DD to recent history in the Middle East (Gulf War, Saddam Hussein, Afghanistan, Iran).


Does anyone have a good resource for this info for a 7th grade level? I really would like to find something already geared to middle schoolers, rather than have to take a ton of info and reorganize it myself. Or is that just a dream?


Thanks for any help!


xposting from cirriculum to draw more responses!

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I would use selected excerpts from Fromkin's A Peace to End All Peace. While this book speaks about the period after WWI an understanding of this period is necessary in order to understand all that came after it. With this grounding there are any number of online articles that speak to the background of the Gulf War etc.


If you are studying the recent history of the Middle East you will need to add Israel to your list.


As to a unified resource that does not require you to do some reorganizing, I am afraid that I do not know of anything.

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