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This past year we went to a boxed curriculum-mostly abeka with WWE and SOTW added in. It's gone well,but I'm not sure it's a perfect fit for us-my child can do the work but sometimes it's a chore :glare: for him-and I'm trying to think of ways to change it up for us....I've been looking more into CM and found these two ideas-RIGHT START MATH and ENGLISH FOR the THOUGHTFUL CHILD---anyone used these? did you like them? what were the pros? cons? any info on them appreciated :001_smile:

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First, about me. We've used RightStart for 2.5 years. I have two children doing math, a toddler, and a baby.


RightStart Math is teacher intensive. The lessons can take a long time if you are intent on finishing a whole lesson and not just working for a set amount of time. That said, practicing through games is a lot of fun, especially for kids who don't like writing. It helps build a love of math because you're doing it together. I find the semi-scripting helpful but not too confining. I don't need to prep anything (yay!) and just keep the lessons in a box with the manipulatives. I pull out whatever I need for the day and am on my way.


My son really loved the spatial drawing lessons in RS C, but I guess some people don't like them.


Best wishes,


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