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WWE or something else?


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I don't think the WWE levels point to grades, that is just often how they are used. You sound like the perfect candidate to buy the WWE Teacher's Manual. It tells you everything that is done over the four years with sample weeks for every year and instructions for what to do in the intervening weeks.


You could read through it and start implementing wherever you feel like your dd needs work (or perhaps start just BEFORE that point). I'm not familiar with WWW, but there is no reason you would have to fully implement WWE, just do the days you think she needs work on. Frankly, if she likes to write, most days will not need more than 15 minutes, or so. Plus, WWE is scheduled to be done 4 days a week.



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Do the levels in WWE correspond with grade level? It's hard to tell from the samples given. My dd8 loves to write, mostly creative stories, but she cannot narrate at all and has had a tough time whenever we attempt dictation. These are skills I've mostly ignored, and am now starting to regret doing so. She's currently using WWW level 3 and has asked to continue on with it next year. Can we effectively use these 2 programs together? What level of WWE would you start a 4th grader in? Is there another program you would recommend instead?


With WWE and a child that has issues with narration/dictation, you start where they are as far as their ability. There are evaluations for WWE that will help in this. Dictation and narration start in earnest in WWE 2, and it would probably be a good starting point if your child is struggling in these areas. It starts off with a lot of leading and assistance from you and weans them off of it until they can produce their own summary narration and work dictation cleanly as well. I would recommend SWB's audio lecture on teaching elementary writing as she gives a lot of information on the program and explains the why and hows of dictation, narration, and copywork. It was eye opening for me. :)

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