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How to make fake pile of dirt (PROP for grave digging scene)

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My dd is in Tom Sawyer and I am part of props again. We need to make a fake pile of dirt that can be used for a dozen shows. Obviously it needs to look like a pile of dirt without actually being a messy pile of dirt :tongue_smilie:


I'm stumped. Any ideas?

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Put plastic on the stage, if need be, and use mulch. Dry mulch can be swept up fairly easily.


Wood chips or wood shavings may also work.


Anything, that I can think of, that you make will be messy or will be a single piece that will not be able to be shoveled.



Alas, poor Yorick....he is covered in mulch?

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Brown craft paper over chicken wire, then cover with spray adhesive and dust with peat moss. Shake off excess peat moss; hopefully enough will stick to make the pile look realistic!


Can you tell we have been playing with glitter here? :D


Wait! Maybe you could adhere the peat moss on the paper before crumpling it over a chicken wire frame.... might be easier....

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Do you know anyone who paints? They could make it realistic from a distance and you won't have to cart around some crumbling mass of glue and mulch. It seems like some sort of muti-toned textured look wouldn't be THAT hard for artistically inclined folks. In your position I'd post the question on Facebook and bribe the volunteer with tea and cake.

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